Yachting is a fast moving, demanding and stimulating world,and thanks to our vast experience, from the year 2000 we have been able to be a major competitor in supplying provisions to yachts.

This could mean simple case of strawberries to the rarest wines and caviar along with the necessary basics such as ship chandlers and spare parts. We can deliver in the whole of Italy thanks to our fleet of refrigerated trucks and speed boats, and we guarantee that all the provisions will arrive to the yacht in the freshest condition.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we are available 24/7 and upon order we are able to deliver between 24 and 48 hours max.

In 2004 Esposito Forniture Navali joined forces with ...... yacht agent based in Naples, Italy enabling them to expand further into the yachting world and as their reputation grows so does their network of suppliers that help them to track down even the most extraordinary request. Our staff is waiting to hear from you!