Our company was founded 40 years ago and as the shipping world has evolved so have we to become what we are today, a modern, forward thinking company able to supply provisions, spare parts and luxury items 24/7 wherever your vessel may be situated.

The U.S and the N.A.T.O have become one of our biggest clients, as we assist their vessels in all Mediterranean ports, and we are on-hand at all times. Due to their very demanding schedules, short visits and high standards we have been able to satisfy everybody from the highest Admiral to the most necessary ship supplies.


In the year 2000 thanks to the dynamic Father and Son team, Esposito Forniture Navali expanded into the exciting world of yachting and have built-up a faithful list of clients that know they can depend on them for supreme quality and prompt delivery.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction at all levels!